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Delivering impact & performance

We help senior management – CHROs/COOs/CEOs – to make sense of/better understand their people through analytics and peer comparisons, enabling them to focus on initiatives that can have a material impact employee attraction, retention, activity and wellbeing.


Large and medium sized global corporations along with venture capital and private equity firms trust Highsight to provide clarity and actionable insights on many facets of their human resources and people programs.
We can get into the details of your organisation, or target investment, and help answer some of your big questions...


Do I have the right shape of organisation? 

I’m considering investing in a new venture. Can I see what risks there might be from a people perspective?

How does my organisation structure match others of the same size within the same industry? 
Does my company display similar behavioural attributes of others in the same industry (e.g. promotion, resignation, hiring)?

Does my company have a comparable skills base to others in the same industry?

How does my organisation compare from a DE&I perspective?

See exactly where your organisation sits,
in real-world terms.

By providing you with a benchmark analysis of data gathered from amongst your peer group, Highsight gives you a solid perspective on the attributes most critical to your success. Please read below to learn more. 

Get up-front insight into people risks and opportunities of a potential investment.

Diagnostics by Highsight dig into the details of a selected firm, clearly illustrating, from a competitor landscape, if their performance is above or below expectations. 


Organisational Attributes

Gain a deep understanding of the organisational structure of your company; such as seniority, diversity, as well as geographical attributes. With data covering ratios of staff within your workforce by level of responsibility along with their physical distribution, we help ensure you have the right organisational balance – from top to bottom and across the globe. The Highsight benchmarking approach provides clear visibility into your staff diversity and an understanding of what a realistic diversity mix is for your organisation based on its scale and industry. This gives you perspective not only on where your areas of success are but also where challenges and opportunities may lie. 
Wellbeing and workforce skills are just two of the many areas that can be analysed to ensure the potential of your people is maximised. Know if your current wellbeing initiatives are hitting the mark and having the desired effect. Other wellbeing information, such as absenteeism and absence ratios for your company can also be investigated to confirm your rates are in-line with expectations. Making informed decisions to ensure your future competitiveness through the analysis of the current skills composition of your employees makes a huge impact for your organisation and the people within it.  


Behavioural Attributes

Ensure alignment with your organisation’s goals and objectives through review of where your employees focus effort and the tasks they are involved in. By seeing the disparities between where and how your organisation spends time and your peers we can help you evaluate options for possible structural or role changes to improve performance. 
When evaluating the efficiency of promotion and people movement, first you need to understand what the averages of staff hiring/attrition look like in-market. Again, the ability to compare data against your peers provides the needed perspective on staff loss and possible strategies should be considered in response.
Building candidates for promotion generally means learning and development initiatives. These can be assessed from a number of different angles. The level of funding and/or time spent compared with industry averages and employee outcomes can highlight if you have the right program elements and perspective on if you currently have a development culture. Taking culture and brand a bit further, Highsight is able to utilise 3rd party information as well as looking at your own internal surveys to gain a better understanding of your culture.
Finally, insights on the leadership of your organisation, such as the impact of diversity on your executive team and even being able to quantifiably determine potential future leaders are additional areas that Highsight can illuminate to help with your ongoing success.

Deliver people potential

The best organisations work hard to understand the key aspects of their most valuable asset. Highsight not only makes this process easier but delivers a richer view of your people, empowering development, enhancing diversity and building long-term success.

Working with Highsight you can be confident all data used is secured and all privacy and anonymity is managed throughout our engagement. Everything we do is handled in compliance with all required legislation.

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